Press Release Date: 
June 21, 2016

For Immediate Release:

June 21, 2016

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Canadian Muslim Community Celebrates National Aboriginal Day


Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at recognizes contributions of Indigenous people


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada commemorates National Aboriginal Day and appreciates the diverse faiths and cultures of Aboriginal people. June 21 marks an important day for Canadians to remember and recognize the contributions of Indigenous people made to Canadian society. The celebration of National Aboriginal Day helps Canadians build stronger relationships with Indigenous people - relationships rooted in love, respect and mutual understanding.


“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at prays for ​well-being of ​all Indigenous people ​and recognizes their faiths and great contributions in service to Canada” said Mr. Lal Khan Malik, National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada. “We encourage all Canadians to take part in their local National Aboriginal Day celebrations as it is a means to learn more about Aboriginal people and to appreciate their traditions, religion and culture.”


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