Virtual Ramadan

Virtual Ramadan is a national campaign launched by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at that allows Canadians an opportunity to participate in Ramadan with fellow Muslims “virtually”. Amidst the rise of COVID-19 and coronavirus, along with the need for social distancing, this is going to be an interactive and creative way for individuals across the country to experience Ramadan.

This Virtual Ramadan campaign is also a great opportunity for fellow Canadians to learn more about the beautiful month of Ramadan.

The campaign allows Canadians to participate with their fellow Muslim friends and neighbours in the month of Ramadan and experience the joys of iftaar dinners virtually along with understanding the importance of fasting.
This national campaign will also have a unique element of giving Canadians an opportunity to experience how to start, keep and break a fast, done from the comfort of their homes through the Virtual Ramadan Challenge!

Visit to register for upcoming Virtual Ramadan event.