Photo of Ashrah Talimul Quran

8th National `Ashrah Ta`limul Qur’an & 29th National Winter Ta`limul Qur'an Classes

The National Department of Ta`limul Qur’an and Waqf `Ardi is holding  8th National `Ashrah Ta`limul Qur’an will be held on 1-10 January,2019 and 29th National Winter Ta`limul Qur'an Classes on 4-6 January,2019.

These blessed Canada-wide Events are being held as per Recommendation of National Majlis Shoora Canada, 2011 and approved by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih-Vaa. The Ashrah Program includes:

  • Tahajjud Prayer in congregation on January 6, 
  • Special Sessions on the Holy Qur’an, 
  • Ta`limul Qur’an Classes 
  • Special daily Durus on the Holy Qur’an and Salat. 

Please contact the local Umara and Presidents for detailed local Programs. Kindly pray and make full effort to attend these Events with your family in maximum numbers, as per advice of Huzur Anwaraa in regard of `Ashrah Ta`limul Qur’an.