Interfaith Conference - Peace A Need of the Hour

Peace - A Need of the Hour (Interfaith Conference)
May 13th, 2023

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community cordially invites you to attend.

Venue : Diamond Ball Room @ SHELL PLACE, McDonald Island Park,

Words of Wisdom - Exploring Islamic Literature

World of Wisdom Exhibition at Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada

By the sheer grace of Allah the Almighty, Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada is holding an all new exhibition on Islamic books, entitled, Words of Wisdom: Exploring Islamic Literature from April 28th to May 7th 2023. Insha’Allah!

Explore Islam

A Nationwide exhibition in over 1,000 towns and cities is setting the stage to educate, and raise awareness about the true teachings of Islam, its commonalities with other faiths, unique features, and how it leads to a life of peace, serenity, and fulfillment.

Islamic Heritage Month - Ottawa

Come join the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in celebrating Islamic Heritage Month! On Friday, October 6th, we’ll be holding a public exhibition in City Hall Ottawa (110 Laurier Ave. West) from 2:00 pm-8:00 pm.

Pakistan Flood Relief

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada, in collaboration with Humanity First Canada, is undertaking a special coast-to-coast fundraising initiative to support the victims of the Pakistan floods.

Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) Canada

Jalsa Salana 2023 - 45th Annual Convention

Friday to Sunday, July 14-16, 2023


Jalsa Salana Qadian 2021

Jalsa Salana Qadian Address on Sunday, Dec 26, 2021
Live address delivered by Syedna Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (May Allah be his Helper!) on the occasion of Jalsa Salana Qadian from Masroor Hall, Islamabad.

Islamic Heritage Month

The Islamic Heritage Expo will offer a unique perspective into the glorious Islamic civilization and its contributions that have revolutionized the history of human learning and development.

Know Justice Know Peace

A virtual seminar to highlight how Canada is uniquely poistioned to become the world's first full Justice and Peace nation.

Discover unique perspectives on how to establish racial equality and progress towards peace. 

Virtual event held on January 16, 2021

Muhammad - The Astonishing Story of the Prophet

Muhammad - The Astonishing Story of the Prophet

“The Astonishing Story of the Prophet”, a global phenomenon that tells the life, legacy and story of the founder of Islam, one of the most fundamental chapters in the history of the world.