MILLION POUNDS FOOD - Let’s Make Hunger History

The “Million Pounds of  Food” campaign is a nationwide initiative started by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, the largest organized Muslim youth group of its kind in Canada. The objective of this campaign is to work with Muslim youth across the country to raise one million pounds of food to feed the needy in Canada.

The “Million Pounds of Food” campaign was initiated with the goal of bringing attention to the issue of hunger in Canada on a large scale and make a real difference in lives of lesser fortunate Canadians by working in collaboration with local charities to make an impact at the grass root level. The dream is to start something that puts us on a path to tangibly, practically, end hunger in Canada. Hunger in Canada is real, and a serious problem. It’s time to talk about that problem and do something about it. Let’s Make Hunger History.

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