Tajnid Form for NEW Arriving members

Please note all email address must be unique

A separate form should be requested for all married children

🛑 Before you fill out this form please answer following question.

  1. Are you trying get member code for your newborn child?
  2. Do you currently have a member code and trying to change your address?
  3. Have you recently joined Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Canada?
If the answer to anyone of this question is YES, then this form does not apply to you.
  1. To register your newborn child please use Register New Born form.
  2. To change your address please use Change of Address form.
  3. If you have recently joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Canada (i.e performed Bai‘at). Please wait and you will be contacted by local administration for next steps.
Please note all email address must be unique. If a member does not have email address kindly create one for them or contact your Local Administration to obtain paper form.
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