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Change of Address

Change of Address

To change your address you require your member code, jama'at name and new address:

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Image for member service to update email and phone

Change of Email and phone Number

Use this service to update your Email address, Home and Cell phone. 

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Join Mailing List

Join Mailing List

Join Ahmadiyya Mailing List:

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Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration (Nikah)

Marriage Registration Form for Nikah Ceremony:

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Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

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Register New Born

Register New Born

To register new born, you are required to provide your Member Code, Jama'at (Branch) name and current Address:

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Image of Request AIMS ID Card service

Request AIMS ID Card

To request replacement of AIMS ID card there is a cost of $5  Click here for more details

Request for Mulaqat with Syedna Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (aa)

Given the challenges being faced due to COVID-19, regular Mulaqat requests are not being processed. Learn More

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Tajnid Form for NEW Arriving members

New to Canada? To register in Canada Tajnid kindly request an Online Tajnid Form

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Waqf ‘Ārḍi Sign Up

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