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The Waqf ‘Ārḍi Scheme was initiated by Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīh IIIrh in 1966. Its objective was to prepare every Ahmadī member as a Murabbī [Missionary] and to facilitate religious training of all Ahmadīs. Under this scheme, groups of Wāqifin are sent to outside Jamā‘ats for specified periods of time at their own expenses.


The greatest purpose of this scheme is that Ahmadī members can offer their services on a temporary basis to organize special classes in various Jamā‘ats for learning and teaching of the Holy Qur’ān. Another purpose of the Waqf ‘Ārḍi Scheme is that the wāqifin can urge Ahmadī members to settle petty differences and advance in the direction of higher goals of this great scheme.


The Waqf ‘Ārḍi Scheme would not only play a great role in spiritual training of others, but it would equally benefit the wāqifin themselves. Before embarking on this mission, the wāqifin would be encouraged to overcome their shortcomings by focusing on prayers and gaining more religious knowledge through studies. This way, they would become excellent role models for others.


All Missionaries and Office Bearers should urge every Ahmadī (man or woman) to participate in this great scheme, which undoubtedly demands great sacrifice. However, one should never forget that without sacrifices, one cannot win the pleasure of Allah.


The following conditions apply to Waqf ‘Ārḍi Scheme:

  • All professionals, including professors and mature post-secondary students, are advised to participate in this scheme during their vacation time.
  • A group of at least two Wāqifin is sent to outside Jamā‘ats at their own expense to carry out whatever tasks are assigned to them.
  • Ahmadī women can also be sent to outside Jamā‘ats in groups of two, provided each woman is accompanied by her husband, father, or brother. If this is not feasible, then women can perform duties of Waqf ‘Ārḍi in their own cities for the spiritual training of Ahmadī women.
  • The duration of Waqf ‘Ārḍi may vary from two to six weeks in a year, unless otherwise permitted.

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